Hand Foilers & Crimpers

  • $30.00

This handy tool by Glastar is a wonderful helper for applying copper foil. It's small enough to carry along with you wherever you need to go.  It's available in the 3 standard sizes 3/16", 7/32" & 1/4".

The Glastar Crimper will secure the foil tightly to the edges and sides of your pieces in one move.

Several companies also make 2 additional burnishers. The basic flat one is called a Fid. This durable plastic tool is soft enough to not rip your foil as you're securing it tightly against the glass. The  easier to grip curved Lathkin is also great for burnishing. It is also used in leading projects to pry open the (collapsed) lead strips. There is sometimes colored ones available.  Sorry NO CHOICE. 

KTW's Table Foiler is the best tool available for applying copper foil evenly. It has interchangeable heads for the 3 most popular sizes of foil.