Stained Glass Solder

Stained Glass Solder

  • $20.50

Choose the proper solder for each job.

All of our 'solid-core' solder is sold in 1 pound rolls.

We recommend 60/40 solid core solder for most stained glass projects. It sets up nicely and it's extra shiny because it's 60% tin (40% lead).

Specialty 63/37 (63% tin/37% lead) solder is used mostly for decorative soldering. It "sets" immediately so there's no "wiggle" time. It's also useful for those who have a problem with shaky hands!

50/50 solder is mostly used for soldering lead work. It doesn't shine up nice which is OK for leading. 

97C is our lead-free option. It's harder to get a nice bead with this one unless you use a VERY hot iron. A must for jewelry and food bearing surfaces!