What's New?

                            *******BREAKING NEWS*******

Friday July 13,2018,- Oceanside Glass has announced their future plans for Spectrum & Uroboros Glass.  As of today they're DISCONTINUING both names and incorporating them under one name- OCEANSIDE GLASS.

Their plans are also to make their future glass as COE 96 ONLY! This is going to mean be a big change in stock. There are some glasses that are impossible to make "Compatible", so these will have to be discontinued. Stay tuned as we figure out yet another System 96 change!



                Happy Anniversary High Country Stained Glass!

It's our 25th Anniversary this year! Come and help us celebrate!

Starting July 7 we'll be having 25 Saturdays of Special Sale Items!

July 21 --All Fusing Molds 20% off   Limit 3 please

July 28 ---All Plug-in Tools  10% off

Aug 4 --- 60/40 Solder  $16. /lb. LIMIT 5!

Aug 11 --- ALL GREEN Glass  25% OFF

Aug 18 ---All Bevels 25% off 

Aug 25 ---All 2018 Classes 25% off- Limit 3 Classes Please!

** In-stock items only, Some limits apply, Not available on Special Orders, Item must be paid for in full on that Saturday!

These special prices are NOT available on-line BUT can be purchased by calling us on our Toll-Free # 1-866-851-0876 (10am-3pm local time) on that Saturday! They can also be ordered by "pre-shopping" online and emailing us between 12am and 3pm local time. Please note that all items are limited to in-stock supplies only!  (Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause at this time!)