Grinder Heads & Accesories

  • $82.00

Glastar's Superior "Bonded" replacement grinder heads come in many shapes and sizes & grits.

The standard grit is the most common. It's great for 'everyday' grinding. Fine and coarse grits are available by special order. Most grinder heads should last a year or so, but it depends on the amount of usage of course! Glastar grinder heads are designed to fit on a 1/4" shaft, so they should fit most North American grinders!

1" grinder heads will fit the All-Star grinder and the newer Super Star II. (Check to see if there's interchangeable spacers that fit around the head on your grinder's work surface.) The larger 1" head will give you 1/3 more grinding space over the 3/4" head!

3/4"  grinder heads will fit both the Super Star II and the Diamond Star grinders without having to change the work surface. 

Glastar replacement work surface fits both the SS2 Grinder (G12) & the Diamond Star (G14)

1/4" and 1/8" heads are designed to sit on top of the existing grinder head shaft. They are useful for getting into tight spaces. They'll also drill holes as their entire top surface is diamond coated! If you don't have a hole in the top of your grinder shaft (older models) you will have to purchase (one time) an adapter to hold the smaller heads. 

The 1' and 3/4"  grinder heads include a sponge and an allen wrench.

Glastar also makes a great face shield accessory. The Eye Shield Support allows you to customize your own glass shield. When it gets scratched just replace it!  It attaches to most makes of grinders with just 2 screws.  

The Universal Mini Table is designed to fit on top of your large worksurface and makes a smaller worksurface for your 1/4" & 1/8" grinder heads. It includes a small sponge that inserts in the back water trough.

KTW's Grinder Cookie helps hold your smallest glass pieces for easy grinding.

Morton Grinder Tongs help hold your small pieces for grinding.