Morton Tools

  • $160.00

Morton Tools has created a whole line of specialty stained glass tools and accessories.  

The Portable Glass Shop is the finest strip/angle cutter available on the market. The Circle and Border System easily cuts perfect circles, from 3" - 13". It also includes a computer program that assists in cutting Perfect borders! The Teeny Tiny Circle Cutter will make perfect circles from 1" - 6".  All of  the above are used on the Work Surfaces (sold separately). The Safety Break System assists in running your score. It applies a tiny amount of pressure so the score breaks super clean! 

The Layout Blocks (and Add-Ons) are all non-solderable aluminum strips with especially long and sharp push-pins! Each set is different so you can make up various sizes for easy soldering of your projects.  

The Grinder Tongs hold the tiniest pieces while you're grinding. The Mr. Splash will protect your surroundings while you're grinding. The Clean Cut is an awesome tool for cutting your zinc border to size.