Toyo Glass Cutters

  • $73.00

In our estimation Toyo produces the best cutters for the stained glass hobbyist. They've been the industry standard for over 30 years! These hard working cutters make scoring glass a cinch! They come equipped with a tungsten-carbide cutting wheel for years of great service.
All of our Toyo Cutters cut all shapes equally well. These cutters come in various shapes, sizes and colors, with the most popular always in stock.  Sorry, NO CHOICE in colors.
The basic cutter is the Slim-line Cutter. It's designed for easily scoring glass for shorter duration projects. 
The most comfortable Pistol Grip Cutter is designed to help attain the proper pressure for the perfect score. If you're an avid stained glasser, this cutter will alleviate the strain on your hands and arms.
The TC09 Cutter has a shorter body and a "saddle" type grip. This one is especially kind to older hands as you don't have to squeeze to hold onto it. You can get back to cutting your large projects with comfort using this small cutter. 
The Toyo TC H replacement wheel is suitable for use on all the above cutters.