Glastar Grinders

  • $225.00

  • Glastar is the original maker of the Original Stained Glass Grinder for hobbyists! Quiet and dependable, this grinder is a Must for smoothing and shaping glass. The bonded grinder head outlasts the "no-name" brands many times over! Both models include a 1/4" grinder head that drills holes too! They both also come standard with a straight edge guide and have a 5 Year Warranty on the motor!

The All-Star is a true studio work horse with it's 1/9th horsepower motor. The extra large worksurface holds the largest pieces with security. It comes with a 1" bonded head, a face shield (inc. glass!), and a second story worksurface for smaller pieces! 

The Super Star II is the more modestly priced hobbyist model. The motor is slightly lighter (1/12 horsepower) but is still adequate for the beginner stained glassers. This model comes standard with a 3/4" bonded grinding head.