Shelf Primers/Papers/Brush

  • $9.00

A necessary part of fusing is keeping your glass from attaching itself to the shelf or mold! There are several ways to accomplish this.

Fiberpaper is a thin ceramic paper that allows you to fuse once on it and then vacuum it away! We have either Bullseye or Papyros.

Primo Primer is intended for a 1 time use and then scrubbed off. It's easily removed so it doesn't build up on intricate or concave surfaces.

Bullesye Primer is tougher so must be scraped off with a blade. It's more permanent for kiln shelves or flat surfaces. 

Zyp is a specialty primer for Stainless steel molds or intricate detailed texture molds. (You can use it on any mold but it's more expensive.) Once it's applied you cannot use any other primers on top of it! Just quickly scrub it off using a plastic brush (under running water) & recoat it with two or more coats. It leaves the smoothest texture & pops out EASILY!

Fiberboard varies in width from 1/8" to 1/2" thick . (Many more sizes available by special order). You can cut out a shape or use them as a custom drop-out mold.

Fiberblanket is used to keep projects warm outside the kiln. They're also great to fire on as you get a very "gnarly" surface!

Fiber rope is used to create a hole in an item to hang from. Put it between 2 layers of glass for an easy pendant! You unravel them to make them thinner before firing.

The Haik brush is perfect for applying primer to your shelf or molds. It's made of soft natural fibers, so it applies a smoother coat for less texture on your product.

It measures 2" x 6" and with proper care it will last for years! 

May differ slightly from photo.