Slumping and Draping Molds

  • $13.00

There's so many different molds that it's hard to choose! They're available in Vitreous china, Stainless steel and ceramic bisque. (Or cut your own from fiberboard!) The China ones are the most expensive because they're made from different materials and techniques and will last a long time! Ceramic bisque usually gives you 6+ firings but there's no guarantee as they're just ceramic. Stainless steel is expensive but it is obviously going to last 'forever'. 

When you're slumping you'll have to be sure to heat your kiln SLOWLY! (150deg per hr is highly recommended). Your molds are subject to 'shock cracking' if it's heated too hot too fast!

You can use kiln wash on the ceramic and china molds. Zip is recommended for texture tiles and frit mold for ease of removal. It's easy to wash & scrub it off after every use so you don't get some of the smaller details "clogged" with kiln wash!  You can also use Zip on your other molds, however you CANNOT use a regular primer after Zip is used!! It seems to 'seal' the pores so primer won't stick.