Stained Glass Chemicals

  • $9.00

We carry the most popular chemicals in the stained glass industry today. 

Gelled Glasflux is clean burning and so has very little irritants.

Novocan Patinas transform your finished product into "Awesome". There's one for a black finish on solder and lead, & one just for zinc. Copper patina looks nice on solder joints and matches the foil underneath.  

ChemPro makes solder shine. May also be used after applying patina.

Quik Clean thoroughly neutralizes chemicals while cleaning your project.

Novocan Grinder Coolant is approved for use on most grinders to prolong the life of the head by keeping it cooler.

Novocan Cutter Oil is a water soluble lubricant without the "oil-slick".

Salamoniac is a soldering iron tip cleaner. It's also used to re-tin damaged tips. 

Armor Etch etching cream is a quick and easy way to customize your artwork.