Vase Caps & Spiders

  • $2.95

They're the perfect topping for your lamps! 

Solderable brass vase caps hold your lamp together as you're building it and provides hanging support  for many years to come! They're available in various sizes and shapes. Many offer vented or non-vented versions. Pre-tin first for easiest application.

"Spun" vase caps are only 1/4" high. They're great for places where you don't really want to see them.

Spiders are internal support and supply a place to hang it from. Can be used along with a vase cap for heavier applications.  Available in 3 or 4 "Arm" versions. Each leg is between 3.5" & 7" long. They are easily shortened with a Dremel or hacksaw. The inner diameter of the hanging ring is 3/8", which will fit the threaded rod for wiring.

Fitter Rings are designed to build into your curved Tiffany-style lamp. Place it inside the top edge and solder in place. Top with a tradition 3.5" vase cap.