Venture Copper Foil

  • $14.00

Copper foil was invented by Tiffany for intricate stained glass work. Copper foil is now the industry's standard assembly technique. Venture Foil is available in many different thicknesses, widths, sizes and "finishes". The most common foils are in the mid-range 1.25mm thickness. This thickness is strong and yet easy to apply. The thinner (1mm) foil is just not thick enough to be trusted. The thicker foil is more rugged but harder on your fingers to apply. We can special order the thicker or thinner ones if required.

The different finishes on the inner side are intended to match the front finish on your solder. Black Backed Foil will look best behind black patinaed projects where the backside is visible. Especially important on cathedral glasses and mirror. Silver Backed Foil will match the fresh unpatinaed solder joints where the backside is visible. Regular Copper Foil will match copper patinaed solder joints where the backside is visible. If you have opal glass (not see-thru) then regular copper foil will work fine regardless of your finish.

New Wave Foil is 3/8" wide with one side cut wavy. It is fun for decorating and will hold it's shape under the solder for special techniques. You can use Specialty scissors to cut the 1/2" wide foil into your own "decorative" foil!

The 12" square sheet copper foil can be used by cutting shapes (with regular scissors) and "sculpting" with solder.

The copper foil dispenser keeps everything neatly together! Holds 7 assorted rolls.