Reds, Oranges and Yellows COE 96

  • $33.00

The fusing glass available from our suppliers is very limited in these 3 beautiful colors.   There are plans by Spectrum Glass (Oceanside Glass now) to re-introduce these colors! Uroboros has also been acquired by Oceanside glass and it's soon to reappear!

In their absence we've managed to bring in Wissmach COE 96 glass. We've also just received some Youghiogheny Glass (newest COE 96 glass provider) to fill in the "spots". Note the Y in front of the stock number.

We carry the most common ones from all these suppliers. We can special order something for you if you contact us.

All glass is priced per square foot. It's sold in square "foot-sized" pieces, not necessarily always 12" x 12" square!